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Slider Puzzle

Game of Slider Puzzle


Game of Tic Tac Toe

Scatter plot


Image of Scatter plot interactive

line graph


Image of line graph interactive

Pie chart


Image of Pie chart interactive

Bar graph


Image of Bar graph interactive



Image of Histogram interactive

Box and Whisker Plots


Image of Box and Whisker Plots interactive

Application of Reflection


Image of Application of Reflection interactive



Image of Reflection interactive



Image of Rotation interactive



Image of Translation interactive



Image of Dilation interactive

Draw a tangent to a circle


Image of drawing a tangent interactive

Bisecting an angle using a protractor


Image of Bisecting an angle using a protractor interactive

Geometry tools


Image of Geometry tool box interactive

Geometry box


Image of Geometry tool box interactive

Satellite Projection – Gravity

Image of Satellite Projection - Gravity interactive

Gravity and free fall

Image of Gravity and free fall interactive

Keplers Law

Image of Keplers Law interactive

Concept of Weight and Mass

Simulation of Concept of Weight and Mass

Gravitation – Inverse square Law

Image of Gravitation - Inverse square Law interactive

Phase difference

Image of Phase difference interactive

Forced oscillations

Image of Two body oscillations interactive


Image of Harmonics interactive


Image of Harmonics interactive


Image of Resonance interactive

Doppler Effect

Image of Ripple tank interference interactive

Types of Waves

Image of Types of Waves interactive

Why not eclipse on every full moon

Image of Why not eclipse on every full moon simulation

Solar Eclipse

Image of Solar Eclipse simulation

Lunar Eclipse

Image of Lunar Eclipse simulation

Phases of the Moon

Image of Phases of the Moon simulation

Cause for Seasons

Image of Cause for Seasons simulation

Rotation, Day and Night formation

Image of Rotation, Day and Night formation simulation

Earth, Sun and Moon

Image of Earth, Sun and Moon simulation

Iron Filings-Magnetic Field Lines Experiment

Image of Iron Filings-Magnetic Field Lines Experiment simulation

Iron foils Experiment

Simulation of Iron foils Experiment

Magnetic field lines – Properties

Image of Magnetic field lines - Properties simulation

Identify Magnetic field lines

Image of Identify Magnetic field lines simulation

Magnets Interaction

Image of Ineraction between Magnets simulation

Induced Magnetism

Image of Induced Magnetism simulation

Permanent Magnetism

Simulation of Permanent Magnetism

Lever as weighing balance

Image of Lever as Weighing Balance Simulation

Wheel and Axle

Image of Wheel and Axle Simulation

Compound Pulley system

Image of Compound Pulley system Simulation

Movable Pulley

Image of Movable Pulley Simulation

Inclined Plane

Image of Inclined plane simulation